Ok, so God is all-powerful, huh? All-seeing, all-knowing and the creator of everything that is, ever was or ever will be, do I hear you Christians, Jews and Muslims right? Ok, then riddle me this Batman! If your god is so completely perfect, then why did he create other life forms (humans to be exact) that are so incredibly faulty? And as you claim, they are in his image to boot! Then, to make matters even crazier, this kooky diety of yours blames each human being for their own faults (calling them sins). So your god made us imperfect and yet it's our own fault we are not perfect even though we had no real power over our own design or creation? Do I have that right? But yet your god is so kind and he loves us so much. It's as though I set out to make a particular kind of tool, a hammer for example. And I design it and I make it's parts and I put the thing together and lo and behold I have something with a handle on one end and a bevelled edge on the other end. I've made a screwdriver instead of a hammer. But I wanted a hammer. So I use it like a hammer bashing away at nails with it and getting nowhere fast. Finally I throw it down in frustration, kick it away and blame it for not being a very good hammer. It couldn't be my fault that I made a screwdriver instead of a hammer now could it? Oh no! It's the tool's fault for not being what I intended it to be. Yes, that's the answer. Blame the created, not the creator. Do I have that right?

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Comment by Okie Tokie on June 10, 2010 at 1:37pm
If you feel guilty enough to give a holy-man money to tell you what an asshole you are but because you gave me this money sacrifice, you are no longer a sinning asshole.
Makes you kind of all warm inside, don' it.
Comment by Tak G. on June 8, 2010 at 2:57pm
Haha, I like that analogy.



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