In my last post, I pondered why I was never invited over (or out) for dinner by friends and neighbors I've known for years.  Well, guess what? I was!

I recently half seriously teased my golfing buddy about his frequent statements, "We should have you over for dinner", without following through. Last night I went to his 150 year old home. He is currently restoring it, continuing a mammoth task that began 18 years ago. It's one of those old brick "mansions" one sees in little towns--belonged to a doctor. It was even an "underground railroad" house for runaway slaves. He showed me the secret hiding place. Truly amazing.

Here's the neat thing. Ed is a small town pastor of a Methodist church (his wife a teacher). For some reason, we hit it off with each other (about 8 years ago). Matching personalities, I suppose. We dance around the subject of religion. He knows I'm an atheist--no conversion attempts ever made. But occasionally we express our feelings about certain topics in the realm of what we believe. He's even a Republican! We have quite opposite opinions about a variety of things.

This all makes for an interesting relationship, but one I enjoy and relish. Who says the lamb and lion can't live together?

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Comment by Alan Perlman on July 13, 2013 at 7:54pm

Hey, this is the ONLY way I can have pleasant interactions with people whose religious views I disrespect, which is all of my family and most people I know.  It proves that we are not what we believe.  There are many levels on which to connect and many other things we have in common,

Comment by jay H on July 13, 2013 at 7:21am

Absolutely. There's no reason why people can't have friendly relationships across religious boundaries. Unfortunately it's easy to become polarized when reading news reports about various wackos, but most people are simply people. Until he moved away, I got on very well with a co-worker who was devout Muslim.



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