I've been invited to an event on facebook by my sister! Oh goody I wonder what event I have been invited to!


"Race to 2025 Fundraising"


Sounds exciting and futuristic!


"I am fundraising for a cause! Wycliffe Bible Translators are trying to raise money to translate the bible into every language on earth by the year 2025. To do this I, as long as the rest of our four person team, will be racing up a mountain on the weekend of February 25! Please donate to support my cause! My goal is to reach $1000. Even if you don`t support the cause please consider supporting me!"


Oh dear. I think Wycliffe Bible Translators are unaware of how many languages there are that are only spoken by a dozen or so people. Who's going to translate it into dobe jutwasi?

And I would hardly call this a reasonable cause. I'd rather "race" to end global warming or something like that, rather than a book that already has more copies in more languages then any other book ever.


But it all got me wondering. Is there an Origin of Species Translation Project or anything like that? If not, why not? It seems unfair that the bible is available to so many people but other books aren't. My sister might as well be raising money to translate Harry Potter into every Language on earth by the year 2025. If I had the means and the know-how, I would definitely create the Origin of Species Translation Project. For the time being, my hard-earned money is going towards a cause that I think is actually worthy -- a roof over my head, a full belly, and college.

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Comment by John Camilli on January 18, 2011 at 8:36pm

There is currently a multi-national project to consolidate the classifying information of scientific disciplines around the world. There are many redundancies of discovery that are unknown simply because they are called something different somewhere else. The project seeks to create a world-wide scientific database that eliminates redundancies and makes the collective information available to everyone who can read. I can't remember what it's called, but it is certainly a more worthy project than translating Mother Goose.


There are currently more than 7000 languages in the world, with an average of 1 million people speaking each one. Bad luck to the stupid Bible project, ugghhhh!!

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