Had a chat at lunch today. With my girlfriend who is my partner (we live together). She’s an atheist too….so I havent had to deal with any problems there. We talked about what people might think or say about us (especially here) and we also talked about people’s sexual preferences and how that is more accepted here than letting others know that you do not believe in God. Someone she knows is gay and is still somewhat “in the closet” and yet travels miles to be with someone. And it seems strange to me that someone would still be like that now when society has,more and more, basically accepted homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. It also strikes me too that atheists and homosexuals have a lot in common. We both are often “in the closet” ( we arent open about who we really are or what we do or dont believe or want). Both atheists and homosexuals are often discriminated against in the workplace and in society. And yet I live in a nation that is supposed to be about “life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”! What happened to that concept? This man is in love with another man. This woman wants to be with her lover who is also a woman. These people want to be free to live by reason alone and without being under the weight of dogma and mythology! Are we the ones who are pointing at others and saying ” What’s wrong with you?” “We have always done things this way”! “Dont get messed up” ( I love that one….coming from someone who lets their entire life revolve around a myth….ludicrous.) and a million other little pieces of unwanted advice and commentary…and on and on and on. I once went to church and once taught (talked) there. I met some nice people ( and some frankly weird people) and (then) wondered why I just did not seem to “fit in”. Now, looking back, I am glad I wasnt one of them. (“Oh but you will go to Hell”…can hear it now) When it comes right down to it….you and I have a right to be free…to be who and what we want to be….as long as we are not hurting anyone else. What does it hurt for two people,whether gay or straight, to be together and love one another? What does it hurt for some people to choose to leave the things of the ancient past behind in light of what advanced knowledge has shown them? Nothing. Nothing at all.

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Comment by Starland Seay on January 6, 2012 at 6:48am

True. I can see signs of it already. Watched a video someone posted of Michele Bachmann's concession speech and she kept referring to Benjamin Franklin and others as being horrified at what was going on now in the USA. I sincerely doubt that. Franklin and the others knew well of what had happened in England and Europe when the Church and State were tied together and it was "their way or the highway" (or the gallows or the stake,etc) and I am sure they would not approve of these "dominionist" types today!

Comment by Rich on January 5, 2012 at 4:19pm

Sometime around the 80s it seems people decided as a group that the new American credo would be, "money, power, and christian theocracy."  It was fear I think, fear of an insane world.  Well, the fearless founded this country, and the fearless will take it back.  Life, Liberty, and freedom from religion. Amen.



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