Well that may be a little exaggeration but this week something happened that certainly adds (or ads) a new dimension to our secular battles. For the first time, a commercial enterprise is using a blasphemous theme in its marketing efforts. More importantly the marketing is targeted directly at those who are most susceptible to infection - children and adolescents! Take a look at this link:


These folks need some kind of award! Jesus, Mohamed, The Pope even Ted Haggard (evangelicals) all get equal treatment. I certainly wish them commercial success. We may be seeing a skateboarder's rebellion against childhood infection. This company may be manufacturing the first god virus vaccine! and it didn't come from a pharmaceutical company! Granted, it is in New Zealand, but if it is successful, this meme will spread into other parts of the commercial world. Next Australia, then California, then the world! Am I too enthusiastic? OK, give me another shot of vodka and I'll calm down.

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