Magic uses the partial blindness to fool our mind, our mind doesn't see every thing that our eyes look at, our mind only see things associated with movement or voice.
Religion was invented to make people comply and follow the orders of who benefits from religion.
Now how religion get to these blind compliance?
usually religion start with very small request like to accept Jesus as Savior of mankind, or say Muhammad is messenger of Alla and the reward for this small request is very big that all your sins will be washed out.
But the subtle thing is that after you accepted these words you put your self in commitment, the pressure of commitment will force you to comply with more requests that include subtle other commitment. Until you find yourself involved totally and ready to do any thing. This strategy of brain washing , religion are master it in all times.
Small requests is very dangerous if used by wrong people for example if one ask you to to watch his bag and left and other one come trying steal this bag you will probably find yourself going in fight defend the bag even if it's empty or don't worth looking at, but the one who ask you this request have put you in commitment state.
Most people who make this fight or attempt to restore stolen bag see this behavior normal and feel good about themselves, even the bag's owner is totally stranger, and if bag was taken they feel very bad.
All this because of pressure that built by say yes.
Once one say yes to religion he automatically build commitment.

Stage two of Religion manipulation is "return the favor" or reciprocation this start by telling you that god have created you in good shape and gave you food and water and money and everything.
We human have strong pressure to return the favor, if your friend invite you to lunch, a pressure of return this invitation will be setup until you find near chance to return it in some way.
So what about who told you I created you and gave you every thing. You will try to find a way to please the god as to return part of his favor.
Religion is very good of taking advantage of emotions that we developed during our evolution to build our social life that help us in surviving.
These great emotions that distinguish us from others been twisted in manipulative way for the benifit of small group of people, those who still present religion as only solution for human.
There are many other manipulation such as use social reality or social evidence and social approval.

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Comment by Michael Penn on August 2, 2014 at 1:55pm

All religions are manipulative. Each one and every one.



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