In the past year, Facebook has transformed itself from a 'social networking' site to a 'we'll now use ALL your info to sell to third parties' website.

I like the idea of social networking, but this is no longer Facebook's mainstay. Social networking is now strictly a subterfuge to garner all your private information.

I invite all my friends to seriously consider the true nature of the "New" Facebook.

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Comment by TNT666 on May 26, 2010 at 2:21am
my issue with the "new" Facebook is not the mere 'harvesting' of information, they have always been doing that.

No my issue with the 'new' Facebook is that their entire focus has changed, from a semi private venue to share information freely among friends to a pure exchange of information, without privacy controls, between users and commerce, where the 'friendship' aspect is merely an excuse for the commercial objectives.

If they had started 5 years ago with that outlook, no one would have joined. The main privacy controls remaining are regarding posting, photos, contact info. Most areas of 'interest' likes and dislikes, directly interconnected with the the global internet, are not under privacy control. Earlier last year, the first item to be left out of privacy controls was the 'fan pages', now the loss of privacy control has come to dominate Facebook.

No, Facebook is but a mere shadow of what it aimed to become when it started up.



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