Medicare and the American mistake                                                                                                            

While rising costs in healthcare are becoming a serious burden to European governments who pick up the bill for their citizens health, the fear of electoral suicide prevents them from considering any form of private sector involvement.  The provision of healthcare, free at the point of delivery is the hottest potato in politics, politicians know their very careers could be destroyed if discovered harbouring thoughts of privatization.

With rising costs in healthcare consuming so much of the national budget, it’s easy to see why European politicians, who have to find the funds, would like to bring in some form of privatisation. With people living longer and new types of treatment becoming ever more expensive, experimenting with private sector skills must be a temptation to governments who, struggling with costs, still have to guarantee services or face certain defeat at the polls.

If any other service were in a similar situation the government could simply hire out part of the running to private contractors. It’s not so straight forward with the health service. The public have deep reservations about the suitability of private enterprise in the care of the sick; people’s health, in the eyes of the public, is far more important than profit.

Obama has done everything in his power.

It’s up to the American people to take the next step.




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Comment by Michael Penn on June 28, 2015 at 9:40am

In America we now have Medicare hired out to private contractors. I chose Coventry which is the best for the county I live in. If I lived 5 miles away the best choice for my area would be United Health Care. (Based upon examination of benefits.)

Obama has tried but nobody wanted it. The big laugh is that everyone hates "Obamacare" and they just love the idea of the ACA. Stupid people.

I think we would all do well if we had healthcare like they do in France. To my understanding there is the free service and then one that you have to pay a small fee to obtain services. Doctors do make house calls and once you go beyond this system there is also a range of private pay physicians for those who have money. That makes sense because everyone should have affordable healthcare.

Hell, there is even affordable healthcare in Cuba! Leave it to America to come up with a money racket when a healthcare rep came to visit Nixon one day. It's all been about making money ever since.



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