This man is Atikur Rahman. We, the members of ‘Science and Rationalists association of India’ caught him red handed on 15th March when he was selling the kavacha named ‘METAL TABLET’ in Bankura town.He claims that this ‘metal tablet’ made of a mixture of eight different types of metal has miraculous curing power. He shows a miracle with this tablet and we disclosed the mystery of his miracle. Then a chaos started and at last police came. Atikur is in jail now.


The movement against him got such a momentum that police started a nonbailable case against him. The fraud Atikur Rahaman and his team are very dangerous and powerful. Their monthly income is near about 1 lakh rupees. They tried to resist our anti- superstition campaign. They pulled out our posters but that only encouraged us more and we started the campaign with double energy.


On 14th March we caught another fraud who claims that if a stone or a gem changes the color of lime water from white to violet then that gemstone must be perfect and suitable for the man who was holding it. We disclosed the mystery behind the miracle. Actually he used one drop of phenolphthalein. He was also arrested by police.


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