Miracle to Reality Part 2 ( Miraculous treatment of Jaundice)

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There are many villages in India where the modern medical science is yet to reach. So, the villagers, till now, are bound to go to Gunins and Ojhas. They claim to cure them from dysentery to cancer. One of such gunin is Shital Baba of village Ichhapur. He cures the patient from jaundice by using chanted lime water, and another Gunin is Lakshmi Dule of Parulia village.

One day the rationalists went there and disclosed the miracle of chanted water. While treating a jaundice patient, Lakshmi Dule of Parulia village shows a miracle. She smears a small quantity of lime on the patient's hand, then she washes the hand with the chanted water. Surprisingly the patient party observes yellowish water coming out from the hand of the patient. As the villagers hold a notion that during jaundice the colour of the patient's body turns yellow, they think the germs of jaundice have come out due to the hand washing.

Many people of Bankura District go to the village Hadalbani if they suffer from Jaundice. There are two Gunin, Baidyanath Badyakar and Dharadhar Kundu. A chanted garland worn on patient's head by the Gunins. They claim, the garland has a power to soak the germs of jaundice. Rationalists disclosed the tricks of Gunins and they perform it in their awareness programme.

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Comment by BIPLAB DAS on December 16, 2015 at 8:42am

dear Michael Penn   We continuously exposing them all and the same time we are creating pressure on govt. to arrange treatment. It is the responsibility of govt. to provide medical service to the public , not of us. As govt. run by the money of tax payers.

Comment by Michael Penn on December 5, 2015 at 6:37pm

They should expose them all because this is a cheap trick and most likely the "cured" will give donations. In time maybe the Rationalists will set up treatment centers that operater scientically.



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