Miracle to Reality part 5 (Tricks of Wicth Doctors)

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It has been showed the violence related to witch hunting in our previous two articles and films "Miracle to Reality"- Part 3 and Part 4. There we witnessed the miracle power showed by witch doctor and gunin. and we disclosed there some of tricks.

Kiranbala is an old tribal lady lives in Sonagara village of Bankura. A local gunin named Manik Jugi kept his lecherous eye on the daughter in law of aged Kiranbala. And when this old lady made himself a hindrance before Manik, she was proclaimed as witch by the gunin. This notorious man poured acid on Kiranbal's face. Later the local administration with the help of rationalists arrested the culprits.

Malati Tudu of Raipur stamped as witch by a gunin and manhandled by the villagers. later she was rescued by the rationalists. But the rationalists were unable to save the life of Shibani Biswas of Jaipur village. She was identified and beaten to death by a gunin on 16th January 2015.

In all cases, witch doctors, gunins and ojhas plays an important role. Because to mark someone as witch the announcement of witch doctors is very necessary. Though, in last few years, due to vigorous campaign of rationalists many witch doctors have been away from Bankura and Purulia District. Now - a -days people go to Jharkhand to find witch doctors.

The ojhas of Para area of Purulia District used to proclaim a person as a witch by the help of chanted rice. Each grain of rice are marked after each suspected name of villagers and a plate of full of water is taken.Those grains are dropped into the water. The fastest moving grain marked after whose name will be the accused.

The gunins near Jamshedpur industrial area offered a banana to each alleged person. After piling of the banana skin, anyone's banana is found in two pieces, he will be announced as witch. After an investigation the rationalists found that a delicate niddle is used to make the banana in two pieces.

The rationalists aware the public about the tricks of witch doctors by performing dramas in the tribal area.

The witch doctors and gunins show an another miracle often. When it need to harm anybody from far away, they show their black magic. They show some magic to proof themselves. In this process, they used eggs. They claim, if the black magic works properly, then this will expose in a chanting egg, and the victim must fall in a problem, it may be an accident or illness. The egg will proof the claim. After breaking the egg the villagers surprise, because they see blood inside the egg- this blood is of the victim.

It is also a simple trick. A delicate hole is made by the niddle on the egg shell and the blood is injected into the egg by the injection syringe. Then the tiny hole is covered by the lime. So the hole is not visible by the others.

A wrong believe among the tribal community is very much preserved that there is something in the name of witch. We the urban people realise that there is no scientific reason behind this custom, nothing but a superstition but the tribal people are not ready to accept it.Though, this primitive custom is not seen in all tribal sects. Mainly it is observed in middle India. It is most common for the tribal who hold permanent property like 'Santhals'. On the contrary, the tribal who do not hold property such as 'Shabar' are far from this custom.

In India, there are millions of funded N.G.O. But they do nothing for the society. The only goal of these N.G.O. is to grab the aids and funds, and create a confusing state to distort the actual statistics. It is horrible that, there are near about 3 million funded N.G.O. are working in India. This number is two times of the total numbers of school of the country. What are they doing?

To eradicate the custom of Bonga, Dhankundra, Witch, a continuous scientific awareness campaigning is needed. There are many cultural and voluntary organisation stretches their helping hand to aware the tribal. Though the political parties maintain a safe distance in afraid of loosing vote bank of the tribal. Only a few ultra leftist political parties and their cultural fronts have gone ahead against those inhuman customs.

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Comment by BIPLAB DAS on December 16, 2015 at 8:34am

dear Michael Penn, Perhaps, this trick is not practiced in India, as we don't know this practice in detail we can not explain this. Here we have observed and exposed so many tricks in our videos, and the other will be uploaded in future to Youtube time by time. Please subscribe the youtube channel ' RATIONALIST.COM' free of cost to get notification and encourage others. Because atheists need mass support to eradicate this superstitions.

Comment by Michael Penn on December 5, 2015 at 7:17pm

In some tribal areas witch doctors would give the victim a drink and they would pass out. This was done in secret and the witch doctor would then make a small incision and extract that person's kidney fat very carefully. You cannot live without your kidney fat. Even if the victim knew what had happened and tried to tell, it would not matter. No one would believe them. The witch doctor would then make his claims about this person and how they must die. He would point certain sticks or bones at them and the tribe would see this. They would also watch the poor victim slowly waste away and die. This was believed to be by the power of the witch doctor. The tribe would believe nothing else. I think this is an old African tribal trick but it has most likely been used in other tribal cultures as well. Just another false power of the witch doctor and how he achieves his own ends.



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