This was going to be just a reply in my comments list, but I felt it warranted a fresh blog post.

If it wasn't clear, the point I was trying to raise in my last post is pretty much the one that Kristy made in the comments to that post - that the only meaning life has is the one we give it. (which also means that we get to choose).

On that theme, with this choice in some respects comes great opportunity, but also in some sense great responsibility. I'd like to hope that whatever I do end up pursuing, it ends up leaving the world a better place (though 'better' is always subjective) than when I came into it. It raises up the question of social impact, and of wider considerations in general (this can get so wide as to become fruitless, so I will not expound on that here).

My main thought is "what on earth do I do with myself?!?" Reflecting at this point, I've done a whole lot of "not much" in 24 years. :p

There are vague ideas floating around in my head. I'd love to leave something behind (such as a book, whether published or not) when I do inevitably depart the world (which I hope shall be many years from now!), though I don't know if I have the nature or tenacity necessary. This could simply be a last vestige of my former Christian beliefs trying to assert themselves, I do not know.

Let me tell you, if I could make a living just thinking ideas, I'd be set for life. Alas, reality doesn't work like that and I'll have to do some (cough) *actual* work at some point... I don't really want to be on the dole queue my whole life.

For now, my immediate concern is establishing something that at least remotely resembles a social life. Right now, my internet interactions are acting as a (poor) substitute. I figure that's a good starting point.

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