Mondo Diablo Episode 237: I Want My Money Back

Article in The St Petersburg Times

Leaving Scientology is not very easy. It's like leaving the CIA. Scientology apparently has secrets it doesn't want anyone to know about. Suddenly, when Scientology is concerned about secrets (and refunds), it's a business that sells products. The rest of the time, it's a sacred holy Church. And you'd better not say it's a business with product, because then they'll sue--not like they won't sue for thinking about Scientology in the presence of others. Oh, and your old friends and family in the church will shun you--of "their own free will" of course.

Listen to the even, calm and collected Scientologists, and the hysterical non-scientologist. until someone mentions the Fucking Insane, Bipolar, Needs-anti-psychotic-drugs-badly COB, the Chokes-His-"Fellow-Parishoners"-More-than-Homer-Chokes-Bart himself, David Miscavige. Calm down. Larry! (Don't you love it when someone tells you to "calm down," when you yourself feel pretty calm? A sure way to light a fire, and most likely in a Tech somewhere.)

Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 1
Alleee 1
Funky Belek * Du Rhum, Des Gangsters
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 2
Enturbulator 009 * noots
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 3
Chalk Hills Camp * Witchcraft
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 4
DZK * Hello Humans, This is Xenu
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 5
Harry Partch * Barstow (excerpt)
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 6
L Ron Hubbard Sings Thank You for Listening
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 7
Pearl Bailey * Haiti
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 8
Scientology Song
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 9
Norel Pref * Slack Your Way to the Top
Larry Anderson vs Tommy Davis 10


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Tags: Crackpots, Dianetics, Hubbard, L, Ron, Scientology, Xenu, cults


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