Mondo Diablo Episode 244: Decalogue (NSFW)

Another rant by Frances E Dec, courtesy of Bento and Starchky's Francis E Dec Fanclub.


Decalogue 1
Welcome to Mondo Diablo
Poupee Brisee (broken doll)
Dieter Reith * Uschi
Decalogue 2
Dick Hyman and Marry Mayo * Imagination
The Art Van Damme Quintet * The Man I Love
Decalogue 3
Lucius Tave * Can I Play With Yo' Pussy?
Bran Flakes
Decalogue 4
Amway's Sanborne Singers * Recruit, Train, Motivate
Kane's Hawaiians * Kalena Kai
Decalogue 5
Mr. F. Le Mur * PR Gnus 1200
101 Strings * Re-Entry to Moog
Decalogue 6
Crooked Creek Crickets * Can't Get a Man With a Gun
Ananda Shankar * Streets of Calcutta
Decalogue 7
Norel Pref * Gas the Nazi
Decalogue 8
Chubby Checker * Karate Monkey
Freddie Mercury * Rotwang's Party
Decalogue 9
George Husak * Call Me on the Telephone
Kathy McGinty * Kathy McGinty
Decalogue 10

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