Mondo Diablo Episode 273: Anti-Vacc is BULLSH*T!

You have to wonder, "What the hell are they thinking," but you can't put words in their mouths and mothers are sacred. Can you convince them that no one has died from prank tainted Halloween candy? Of course not. Because they are parents. And having children turns you into an insane person who is listened to by other insane people, the politicians, who govern our lives based on whatever batshit crazy thing parents are afraid of. Parental fear ruins everything. Stop having babies.


Anti-Vacc 1
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PDQ Bach * Das Kleines Birdi
Anti-Vacc 2
Ennio Morricone * La Bambole
Frank Crummit * Three Little Words
Anti-Vacc 3
Alessandro Alessandroni * Alliante Giallo
Donice * Look to Jesus
Anti-Vacc 4
Roberto Pregadio e Romano Mussolini * Seq. 16
American Quartet * Floatin' Down to Cotton Town
Anti-Vacc 5
Original Dixieland Jazz Band * Home Again Blues/Lindy
Are there Still Demons?
Anti-Vacc 6
Jacques LaFleche * Parle Parle Jase Jase
Dr. Love * Mister Snuggles
Anti-Vacc 7
T Elerth and the Hair Raisers * Chasin' It
Madame Balduc * ?
Anti-Vacc 8
Hanry Mancini * Goofin' at the Coffee House
Michelle LaMay * Manic Monday
Anti-Vacc 9
Happy Accordion * I Write the Songs
McBob's 1979
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Comment by Adrianne on November 25, 2010 at 5:02pm
I'm not sure about all of the political or ethical views that were a part of everyday life. She was born, yea I know this will be a little ironic, on September 11, 1937 in Oil Trough, Arkansas. I have tried to research this time for may different reasons but unfortunately I have been unable to find much as the Great Depression was raging at this time and as I said they were lowly sharecroppers of cotton and they were most definately affected. I only know parts of the story that I was told. I know that they were extremely poverty stricken and 9 times out of 10 all they ever had to eat were potato's and collard greens and they rarely had milk so I'm not sure if my great grandparents chose to not have them vaccinated over political or ethical or religious views or if they were unable to afford the vaccine or so on. I'm just not sure.

All I know is my grandmother went through her whole life being told she would never walk, or go to school, or get married and have children or drive a car or make it past some age after another. She proved them all wrong over and over again. She walked for many years, yes it was a challenge and yes it was painful for her at times, but she did it. They told her she would never get an education and not only did she graduate from high school but she attended college and became a teacher for head start for 37 working with children and mentally and physically handicapped adults, they said she would never be able to get married and have children but she did and she had 2 daughters but as you can guess both were premature and born by c-section but they made it and she was an awesome mother, not only was she able to learn to drive a car from the second she learned she always had her own car the only things we had to change were we had to put extensions on the pedals so she could reach and a pillow behind her back for support and one under her butt so she could see over the wheel, and it seemed like every year she landed in the hospital for one thing or another including cancer at one point and she was told she wouldn't leave the hospital and time and time again she walked out of there and lived her life another.

Polio didn't always kill it's victim, sometimes the disease robbed people in more ways than just one. Her life was hard, and painful, and full of no help. But she lived her life to the fullest and refused to let the disease control her. I only hate that it devastated her body so severely. Even though she had beat the disease, her body had been demolished completely.

I have no children, I was pregnant once and was actually due in April of 2011 but it ended in miscarriage. So I may not have children, but I know the dangers of not being a responsible parent. Vaccinations are here for a reason. Why would anyone want to give life to a child only to make that life a curse?
Comment by Rev Hellbound Alleee on November 25, 2010 at 8:12am
Oh, what a terrible tragedy! I know that polio survivors exist, too. The violinist Izhak Perleman has performed all his life in a wheelchair. I don't know what his particular challenges are. But these moms and dads--most of them a decade or more younger than childless me--seem to be content to "research" what "poisons" are in vaccines, while ignoring the diseases they prevent!

For what it's worth, many people protested the polio vaccine when it came out. And others told fantastic tales about what the cowpox injection would do to you--all false.
Comment by Adrianne on November 25, 2010 at 3:36am
I wish my grandmother was here with me still because I would have loved to introduce her to these idiots. She had been born a normal healthy little girl to poor parents who were sharecroppers. They grew cotton down in the delta and had nothing. None of the children were vaccinated and she had contracted POLIO at 4 years of age. Your talking severe!!! It messed her spine up so severely that she formed a hump like Quasemotto........her entire right side was completely paralyzed so her leg always dragged, she grew to just over 4 feet in height and never weighed over 100 pounds. She always had breathing issues and had to have oxygen, her organs were so crunched and squished and cramped they started to fail in her 40's, she was always in pain, she had to sleep sitting upright because if she laid down she would quit breathing, when I was 13 her spinal cord completely collapsed. She was paralyzed from the shoulders down.

I quit school and moved in with her because we could not afford care for her. I cooked her dinners, cleaned the house, got her out of her bed and into her wheelchair and took her to the doctor and hospital and so on, I changed her diapers yea diapers ok, did her enemas and catheters and its inevitable that someone bed ridden for a long time will get bed sores and I had to take care of these,

Let me just inform you that just because you are paralyzed and can no longer control your limbs does not mean you can not feel pain. I would watch as she was in pain and I could do nothing. The doctors had to eventually install a morphin pump to continously release pain medication but during the last year she had become immune.

My point is, if she would have been able to receive a polio vaccination, none of this would have happened.

If people make the choice to pro create, then be responsible atleast and have your child vaccinated.



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