Ol' Shep has some wonderful radio shows about Halloween, but this year, for no reason other than "it's the first one I found," I posted this one. Enjoy.


Gruesome O-Mania 1
Verne Langdon * Symphony of Death
Vincent Price * To Make a Witch Pockmarked
Gruesome O-Mania2
Rosemary's Baby * Lullabye
Sunbeam 5
Robert Corbert * Meditations
Gruesome O-Mania3
Verne Langdon * Carnival of Suls
Cab Calloway * The Ghost of Smokey Joe
Gruesome O-Mania4
Matt Gonella and his Georgians * Skeletons in the Closet
sunbeam 4
Rosemary's Baby * Lullabye Part II
Gruesome O-Mania5
Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra * Haunted Heart
Cal Stewart * The County Fair at Punkin Centre
Gruesome O-Mania6
Sid Peltyn and his Orchestra * Hell's Bells
Sunbeam 3
Gracie Fields * The House is Haunted
Gruesome O-Mania7
Twink * Rosemary's Baby
Al Martino * Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Gruesome O-Mania8
Isla Cameron * O Willow Waily * From The Innocents
Sunbeam 2
Kingston Trio * WIth her Head Tucked Underneath her Arm
Gruesome O-Mania9
Merv Griffin * The Screamin' Meemies from Planet X
Moonbillies * The 'Lectric Brain
Gruesome O-Mania10
Marcy Sunbeam
Alleee 2


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