Mondo Diablo Episode 324: The Christian Response to Twilight: Abstinence-Only, or Wicked Sorcery?

Some You-Tubers, Christians, answer that pressing question: "What do Christians think about 'Twilight?'" The world needs an answer!


Christian Twilight 1

David Rose and his Orchestra * Satan and the Polar Bear
Bud Messner and His Sky Line Boys; Vocal: Bill Franklin * I died all over You
Christian Twilight 2
Robert Corbert * Willie Loomis
Dexter Romwebber * Death of Me
Christian Twilight 3
Charles Bernstein * Jaill Cell
Drowning Lovers * Kill Her
Christian Twilight 4
Robert Cobert * Pansy's Theme
Emile Autumn * Miss Lucy Had some Leeches
Christian Twilight 5
Dickie Goodman * Suspense
Herman Munster does a Poetry slam
Christian Twilight 6
John Zacherle * Happy Halloween

Christian Twilight 7
Midnight Syndicate * Haunted Nursery

Bobby Bare * Vampira
Christian Twilight 8
ToTom * Buffy the Vampire Slayer Freaks Out

Poisen to Poisen
Christian Twilight 9
Sebastian Cabot * Seven Curses
The New Mayfair Dance Orchestra * The Haunted House
Christian Twilight 10
Alleee 2


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