I can't let another week go by without some predictions for 2012, the LAST YEAR EVER.


Criswell 1
Alleee 1
Stereo MC's * Tomorrow Never Knows
Christian Puppets * Eat of my Body
Criswell 2
1L * Wanna Be Startin' Something
Tribute to Kent Hovind
Criswell 3
Cristina * Drive My Car
Citizen King * Once in a Lifetime
Criswell 4
Wobbly * 19999
T-Bone Wolk * Don't Pass Me By
Criswell 5
Garcons * French Boy
Criswell * Someone Walked Over My Grave
Criswell 6
The Swingle Singers * Fool on the Hill
Cory Brokken * Der Mann Den Ich Will
Criswell 7
Xiu-Xiu * All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Johnny O'Keefe * Real Wild Child
Criswell 8
Mae West * Criswell Predicts
Ricky Gervais on the 10 Commandments * The Invention of Lying
Criswell 9
The Tornadoes * Telstar
Criswell 10
Criswell Predicts Dance remix
Alleee 2


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