Mondo Diablo Episode 345: Tropes vs Women with Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian's website is located here:
Feminist Frequency: Conversations with Pop Culture


Trope 1
Al Hirt * Java
String Quartet * The Great Gig in the Sky
Trope 2
Christian Bruhn * Ford Capri II
F Le Mur * Believe it or Kill Me 1
The Swingle Singers * Norwegian Wood
Trope 3
Klaud Doldinger * Wild Freshness
Kirby Stone Four * Outer Space
Trope 4
Klaus Wuesthoff * Swing a Little, Kim a Little
Le Mur * Believe it or Kill Me 2
Patsy Montana * I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
Trope 5
Martin McCourt and Larry LeBlanc * Footwear Nightmare
Alvie Self * We Will Miss You, Marty Robbins
Trope 6
Max Meier-Malletz * Moulinex
Le Mur * Believe it or Kill Me 3
Arthur Godfrey * I'm a Lonely Little Petunia in an Onion Patch (and all I Do is Cry All Day)
Trope 7
Michel Bernholic * Norfolk Fog
F Le Mur * Glow Little Glow Plug
Trope 8
Michel Gonet * Magnesium
F Le Mur * Believe it or Kill Me 4
Drunk in the New Wine
Trope 9
Quincy Jones * Walking in Space
F Le Mur * Believe it or Kill Me 5
Rachel Bloom * You Can Touch My Boobies
Trope 10
Alleee 2


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