I don't know how many might know about the show Monster Quest on the History Channel. Well my sister is the producer of the next season, which is really cool. I must admit that I have not seen the show, although I have looked over the website. From looking, the show is presented as being investigative, using technology to check the claims and such, but I don't know really if they have a bias towards or against the creatures they are looking for. If anyone wants to comment on how well the show has been from a skeptical viewpoint up until now please do.

I do know from talking to my sister that she is trying to take it seriously and present things credibly, but then it is also a show that needs ratings. She was asking if I had any ideas on new ways to perhaps look for bigfoot, which is the first one she is going after. She was wondering because bigfoot has been done before and was looking for new angles. I wasn't all that sure of new ways but going over some of the legends was interesting.

My sister sent me this link to a news article about the crew's visit to Colorado: ‘Monster Quest’ comes to Eagle.

The show should air early next year, I will try to post with an exact date. Please check it out, and flood the website with comments after the show! Tell them how impressed you are with the way the new producer is doing the show! :D

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