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Recently Alison gave her answers to the 10 Questions for the Atheist from the web site LifeWay. Since I’ve answered this sort of thing before, I decided to have another go at it. But before we start, a word on their definition of atheism:
Atheism, by definition, holds that there is no God and nothing beyond this world of matter, space, time, and energy.

We already have another word for that, it’s called “materialist.” Atheists are not beholden to hold to any positive claim about whether there is something “beyond this world” (whatever that means exactly). There are atheists who believe in supernatural things like souls, ghosts, weird energies, and so on. So we have to assume that their whole set of questions here is not actually about atheists at all, but rather about materialists.

That being said, I am a materialist, so I have no objection in continuing...

As usual, Francois gives more detailed answers to the questions. And also as usual, we're on the same page..which is fortunate, as we're married.

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