Yes...I'm posting about this Muslim dude I've been 'debating' with...

I give up arguing with this guy now even though I've been told on here to enjoy the debate, these are the remains of the debate...or at least his response, which has turned from wannabe intellectual debate to insulting:

February 24, 2009 at 3:08 pm

scream riot aka lacking in intellect and deen, you are errrr annoying me…and err scaring me. you are becoming a pilot? pshh, scary thought! (dumb girl flying a commercial jet) personally i think your bullshitting and even if you can fly a plane and you had to go say, qadian, you’d probably take it to fiji! most qadianis like to do that cultural thing and boast about this and that when they have bugger all.

i made it very clear on my views about qadianis. now if you want me to repeat my views, then just merely answer: where in the Quran and Sunnah does it say the rape victim is put to death?

yvonne ridley- lol…do you always totally miss the point. what the hell as her marriage life got to do with anything! i was just giving an example of how well she was treated by ‘muZlim savages’ comared to that of the secularists.

scream riot, your starting to behave really irratically, maybe take some time out love, focus upon your driving lessons ( which you think are commercial jet lessons) spend some time with your partner, relax and then come back. when your mentally better."

So basically, I told him to carry on supporting murder and pedophilia, and that I'm glad I'm not Muslims if that's how they think. Also said that it's lucky I have nice Muslim friends who don't hold barbaric views....otherwise I might just get a bad impression.

Anyway, I can't be dealing with his bullshit so I'm moving on. He's obviously not got too many of his morals from religion (or has he?) if he is being judgmental, insulting and small-minded. I'll leave it at that.

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