Well, I guess putting the Atheist Nexus Badge on your facebook is a quick and easy way to discover who are your fair-weather friends and family. I'm getting mean e-mails from people who are supposed to be very close to me, people that I have always seen as open-minded. Turns out I was wrong, they like that I have an open mind though, I never agree with half of anything they do but I am never mean about it. I take a live and let live attitude to people close to me just to aviod conflict. I guess I do not deserve the same type of respect.

A very sad part of all of this is my little sister (who converted to catholosim AFTER having a baby and AFTER getting married) she honestly thinks that all being atheist means is I am AGAINT her god and nothing more. She has never been a brainiac but we come from a good family and had a decent education. How is it that she and everyone else has so little knowledge about the faith and spirituality of anyone past their front door? How can a catholic be so self serving that she thinks how I feel about the science of the world could possibly have ANYTHING to do with the catholic church. I think they are silly and cause problems for humanity but as far as them being the sole reason for my non-belief ? Thinking a little to highly of yourselves there.

So I was going to drop facebook today after these other friends came out and said something to me. Instaed I am going to post everything I can find about Atheism and evoloution everyday in a nice way just like all the Jesus freaks do and see how it turns out :)


A girlfriend e-mailed that I am not the open-minded hippie I used to be, wtf? I have never been a theist the whole time we have known each other, and its been 21 years! She has seen me study every religion known to man, I know more about what my girlfriends believe in than they do, which is WHY I am an atheist. Oh well, another one bites the dust.


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Comment by Earther on July 11, 2011 at 7:08pm
welcome to the party:)
Comment by HALEY SAID on July 11, 2011 at 6:51pm

Thinking about it...Earther makes a good point, we all have a good point.

Maybe it is just not the point facebook and the people I know are ready to accept. I'm just going to close my account. It is not worth it to my to spend my time and energy on. If they want me, they know how to find me.

I'll be on here ;)

Comment by Brian George on July 11, 2011 at 6:44pm

You are correct that believers of religion don't spend the time to learn about others beliefs, hell, most don't know anything about their own.


I think any position, whether it be a different belief or a lack of belief, is taken as a personal affront because the believer is so intertwined with the belief. Crasstians are supposed to have a personal connection with jebus, so your lack of belief isn't just in their religion, it's in their personal connection with their religion. Saying you don't believe is equal to saying YOU'RE WRONG for believing, at least that's been my experience. I don't know how many times I've simply stated that I don't believe in god, any god, and immediately the attack commences. There's no debating, they immediately go into "proving my religion" mode.


When I run across someone like this I usually start back with the most vile things in the booble, like the incest, slaughtering of children. slavery, etc. Sometimes they shut up, but sometimes the just go into denial. Good luck with the education part of your plan, but it's an uphill battle on a very steep slope.

Comment by Earther on July 11, 2011 at 6:13pm
My best answer at this point is I don't know.  Respect comes in many forms and interpretations, context of mind, right?  I guess you put it best, it is sad.   I guess we need to judge when to be social, when to be analytical.  We can be civil, we can reason or we can war.  Open mindedness is kind of meaning less in terms of belief because the choices are you believe something, you don't believe something or you do not know.  Whether we are athiest or theist we are saying we know.  No matter how right we are I guess it takes some arrogants to say we know.  That said does that mean we are wrong to say what we believe, no.  We have to be careful though to say we are respectful to theist.  Belief runs deep and are we sure we are not creating some kind of conflict in this real world of ours?  How do we show respect at all time and is it possible?  We all want respect but is it obtainable.  I think the best respect for ourselves will come from ourselves.  When others are showing respect to us that is greatly appreciated, when others are not showing respect it is just sad like you say.  When you know you are not trying to create war on someone else and you are saying what you believe you have that right.  It is a right of respect of what you choose for yourself.  I don't know what else to say at this point.
Comment by HALEY SAID on July 11, 2011 at 5:35pm

I really appreciate everyones comments. I just got home from work and was pretty upset, and I am NOT the kind of person who let's things bring her down! But then I read this and remembered why I posted that stuff on facebook in the first place! And excuse my terrible spelling when I am on a rant ;)

You really did make my day, thank you!

Now.....what can I post tonight?

Comment by Sicile on July 11, 2011 at 3:33pm
Halo - this experience is why I am so hesitant to come out of the closet.  My family is HUGE and ALL xtian.  I just dont think i want to face that all the time.  I love your idea about posting all the latest atheist news - if they are going to be ugly to you, then make em fight for it!  Chances are after they get tired of not being about to defend themselves (which they won't be able to) then they will either give up and drop you from FB and you won't have to deal with them or their religious rants.   OR.. maybe they will actually reconsider their position.  (probably not though!)  More power to you!  Hang in there.

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