Here's something that's annoyed me for a while. It came up again in a couple of places in quick succession lately - once in an episode of Bones, I forget the other - so I thought it was about time to try explaining what exactly it is that pisses me off so much.

It's about the assertion that life, or fate, or God, or whatever, "never gives us more than we can handle".

I think it's a phrase that's supposed to be comforting to someone going through hard times, to reassure them that life is still beautiful and magical and worth living despite the pain and suffering of, say, losing a loved one. It's often argued further that pain and suffering is what gives life the capacity to be beautiful and magical in the first place. So there's no need to be scared. There's a purpose to it all.

And the finding of beauty and magic and purpose to life isn't something I have a big problem with. When it comes to life, broadly speaking, I'm in favour; and there's plenty of wonder in my own world to make it an amazing journey, even for someone as atheistic and materialistic as I am.

The problem is...

ZOMG Cliffhanger!!1

Read the full thing here, on my blog, Cubik's Rube.

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Comment by Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM on May 22, 2009 at 1:46am
My bugbear is similar. It really pisses me off when someone insists that a person can do absolutely anything they want, just so long as they want to do it. Plee-ease. Let's all grow up to be President of the USA.



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