How to you Pendulums for Dowsing and Divination!

New Age "psychics" are incredible inventive when it comes to finding ways to do supernatural stuff with everyday crap. One of these is pendulum dowsing: a technique done with a paper clip and string that can tell the future!

The article gives clear directions:

1) Make a pendulum out of something that won't conduct electricity that you are "comfortable with." Who knew "psychic energy" and electricity were so opposed! Here I thought our brains worked on electrical impulses...

2) Calibrate the pendulum so you know your subconscious response to known "yes" and "no" questions. Sort of like a lie detector in that way. No problems with that.

3) Start asking questions!

Oh, but the trick? If you don't like the answers, just keep asking until you get the one you want!

Not only can they tell the future, but they warp the future to your will! Amazing!

And of course you don't have to be psychic, you just have to suspend disbelief. Because nothing kills New Age magic faster than someone calling them on their bullsh*t.

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Comment by AcesLucky on August 31, 2009 at 9:53am
Okay that made me laugh out loud. And a superb idea!

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