Mormon Google add at the top of THIS page...

This is my first blog post; a brief and baffling observation:

I logged on to further investigate this wonderful forum.
At the top of the page, I saw a video with a link to click.
I assumed because the title included the word 'Mormon',
that it must be there for a reason; perhaps it was posted by a nexus member,
for educational and/or 'recreational' purposes.
To my surprise, it was a micro-documentary about a woman who has adopted
some disabled children, their involvement in the Special Olympics,
the challenges of raising them, etc... AND, at the very end, the woman says,
"I'm a Mormon."
Evidently, Google Adds 'randomly' chose to embed this particular video
on an expressly atheist website.
Don't panic people, it's strictly coincidental, right?

Strange; This super-mom failed to mention that in the book of Mormon
it says that people with black skin have been cursed by god...and that,
the only 'portal' through which DEMONS can pass into our 'dimension'
is by being born in the bodies of black babies.

With Halloween around the corner, this will save me a lot of trouble arranging a costume;
All I have to do is get an Obama mask, or maybe Rev. Al Sharpton, or even Gary Coleman
and *POOF* Instant Demon costume!
Google Adds, you rock!... Almost as much as Mormonism does.

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Comment by James Beckerleg on October 24, 2010 at 11:39am
I think Google adds works by recognizing key words on a web page and tailoring the add to fit those key words. We see lots of religious adds because we talk about religion here. I hate Google adds but the nexus has to pay the bills somehow.
Comment by Andrew on October 24, 2010 at 9:14am
Immediately upon posting the above, another Google add at the top:
'Daily Bible Guide'.
I see a recurring motif forming...

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