I work as an independent consultant, so I go into peoples homes and do demo's and sell my product. Well the other day I was at a clients home and low and behold the topic of religion came up. After a guest at the event said the host should take a pamphlet of mine to church. Then they talked about how they like to go to "Temple".. I lived in Lethbridge, AB for a while so I knew this was an LDS member talking. Then she talked about how she was offered coffee and coudn't take it. Another guest asked why they can't drink coffee, the response was this: "Well if you ask anyone they will all give you a different answer as to the reason, but it's a commandment in the book of mormon so we just don't do it." - That's it, no logical argument, no rationalization, just one of the most obvious in your face examples of sheep being lead to the slaughter. Just seemed so wrong, it made me feel almost sick. To just simply ignore your own thoughts, feelings, or ideas put on a glazed over look to your eyes and follow the leader. It makes me truly afraid, people who simply do what they are told from a religous authority can lead to very scary things, maybe not drinking coffee is harmless, but it's a slippery slope.

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