AN — I originally posted this at my blog Good Reason News, where it looks like a theist as read it and called me "thunderously ignorant." You know, I don't think I'm wrong to call religion suppressive to thought and reason, but I didn't make a great case for that here. Guess I forgot I always had to be airtight. For his comment and my response please see the blog.

Attention YouTube atheists: Brigham Young University has lifted its ban on YouTube access.

You know what to do. Hit 'em and hit 'em hard. If you've had a bad experience with Mormonism and know enough about it (and making videos) now is the time to jump on this. If you need resources, here is a whole list of recovering Mormon blogs. Some of those are former Mormons who've turned to some other religion, but that doesn't necessarily make the things they have to say about Mormonism wrong. Then there's this post-mormonism site, which I didn't personally read, but someone on Atheist Nexus vouched for.

Even kids in Utah are going through a big change at college. Independence can gain momentum. Once some people get a taste they need to see how far they can get. Aid these college age kids in their path towards independence, reason, and away from religion. Internet freedom is a great way to address these issues and reach an audience held captive by someone else.

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