So we made it to Killeen and since I have time, I'm gonna blog our trip . So we left Washington (much later than we meant) and drove to The Dalles, Oregon. We got to go through Portland for about a second and I saw what I think was the middle part of Mount St. Helens. I'm not sure...I saw clouds, snowy mountain, then more clouds. Since we were closest to St. Helens then I'm guessing it was that one. The next day was a total blur of BORING! The western sides of Washington and Oregon are beautiful. The rest of those states have nothing. We made it to Nampa, Idaho. We drove through Boise the next day and into Utah. We were going to go through SLC and through the passes to Colorado, but it had snowed quite a bit so we went through...(sigh) Wyoming. I flipped off the Temple (eff you LDS) and Trey pointed out that even their graffiti is Mormon. Like remember the south park where they show all the Mormons in heaven talking about making things out of egg cartons and singing? Now...imagine that attitude with graffiti. Hilarious! Wyoming...we stayed in Rock Springs. Now...Wyoming sunrises are absolutely breath taking. The sky is all purple and the sunlight hits the mountains and turns them gold while the sky lightens. So beautiful...after totally blows. We got to Laramie, where the University is, and there's nothing. Even Cheyenne is boring. Garfield was right...Wyoming is latin for "no state here." So then we went to Denver and that was awesome! I got to meet Trey's family, hey, it's only been FOUR YEARS! lol. Anyway, they were amazing. We stayed with Auntie Amanda and Gerald and they were so welcoming. The whole family was. I totally fell in love with them! Grandma Delores made homemade salsa, yummy. Auntie Amanda and Mom made us an awesome breakfast. When we got there everyone made a huge dinner and cousins came over. It was awesome! I met Aunt Michelle and Uncle Roy and they are so much fun. I really wish we had more time with them. And I got to meet Great Aunt Marvel (coolest name ever) and spend time with Auntie Dianna, Dan (homeboy) and Grandma and Grampa Moody. It was only two days but I'm glad I got to see as many people as I did. It was so much fun. I also got to spend some quality time with Mom, which was cool cause I miss her tons! Then we drove to Las Vegas, New Mexico to meet Trey's Auntie Anita, Uncle Leroy and Grampa Shockey. That was lots of fun too, she made us a HUGE breakfast. Seriously though, New Mexico is effing cold! We also drove through a snowy pass. It was funny to see the "Welcome to New Mexico" sign covered in snow. Trey's family is so amazing! New Mexico is so beautiful, but long, to drive through. There's a little town we stopped in for lunch called Clovis. There's an Air Force base there...I'd seriously go nuts. Then we drove to Abilene, Tx and spent the night. The next day was a "short" drive to Killeen. By short I mean about 150 miles or so...I's a blur now. So we move into our cute apartment on Monday. It's small, but then again we don't have much. And best of all, no bloods. It's in a good neighborhood and got really good reviews on the internet. In the year and some change I lived in Kent, I saw 3 raids by police and lots of punk ass gang bangers hanging around. Our car got broken into, but that can happen anywhere. I've been exploring Killeen and Ft. Hood a bit. I LOVE the weather...70 degrees and sunny. Well...I'm meh on the sunny part...gimme Seattle mist any day. Killeen is definitely a military's like a bigger version of Lakewood. There are about eleventy seedy looking tattoo shops. I should go impress them with the awesomeness that Michelle tattooed on my arm lol. Lots of stuff to do though. Trey and I are going to the gym tomorrow cause I'm dying to play on the climbing wall. I'm still missing Loki like crazy, but he's doing well in Washington. I almost burst into tears at the shades on the balcony door in our apartment, cause Loki loved to mess them up as soon as I fixed them. I love that little bastard. I'm happy to be moving to a place that I won't be scared to go jogging in. On Sunday Trey and I are going down to Austin to go to an Atheist meet up. I wanted to go Saturday for the protest but Trey would get into trouble. So things are moving along here. I'm super excited, although I can't wait to visit Washington. I'm gonna stay a few days extra to visit with friends and go see Lokibear. So that's all. No real ranting about anything. I know! I can't believe it either. I don't really know what I'm going to do while down here. I really want to volunteer at the animal shelter. They need dog walkers. And with the holiday (take that x-mas!) shopping at a new low, I'm probably not going to get a retail job. I'm mostly going to work on my ASCP studying. I'll probably go check out the Planned Parenthood for volunteering or something. I'll figure it out.

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