More Rioting
They’re only doing it because there is a reduced likelihood of being called out on it.  They’ve wanted these things for a long time, but society won’t let them have them.  We pay for their food, their travel and their homes and what do we get back in return?  They rarely pay tax, contribute nothing but noise and appear to think we all need to care how they “feel” about things. 
What they’re doing is destroying their own community and their country; they may think that they’re standing up to the bullies but they’re just making it even worse for themselves and they don’t even know it.  It’s mob mentality where emotion and frustration are the main drivers.  You make very bad decisions when you’re scared and emotional.
But of course the MPs aren’t all bad
Changing the laws to make the UK less free is not the way to stop riots.  Lack of clarity of the current laws were likely not the cause of the looting and the destruction.
Governments of all colours have wanted the ability and authority to control what is being said before it’s said for years.  They’ve just never been able to justify it and have always been on the receiving end of reprimands from the media and the people whenever it is suggested.
How many protests wouldn’t happen because the government got wind of them and managed to convince a judge that “yoof” will be involved and so the UK’s messaging system had better be turned off to protect a repeat of the 2011 riots?  The impact will be to reduce the number of protesters and that’s a very bad thing.  Apparently e-petitions need a certain number of signatures before their subject is even debated so numbers protesting is really important. 
I’m sure the government will assure us that they’re ‘listening’, that focus groups and consultation are being taken but none of these things mean that real, ordinary people are involved.  It is the lobby groups and the hilariously misnamed “think tanks” that get involved, deploying their asserted expertise in knowing what the public ought to want.  How soon will it be before we’re told that “The people don’t have a problem with our laws because the protests against them are so small”?  The obvious fact is that they don’t want your input; you had your chance last time you voted.
I can understand that the MPs want to feel like they’re providing the answers and solutions; we wouldn’t have them if they didn’t look like they do.  However they have no more understanding about anything, including the riots, than I do.  There are no riot experts.  This is a group of millionaires claiming to understand the plight of the poor – their instinct is to imagine that the only thing on people’s minds is wealth creation and maintenance.  Watch any footage of David, Nick or Boris trying to interact with real people; they look like malfunctioning robots stuck in transmit mode, spouting pre-programmed clichés at people and expecting applause at the end of every sentence.  Watch Captain Kirk confusing an alien machine with simple logic, it’s pretty much the same effect.
We need to be extra careful in supporting MP’s ill-informed and emotional reactions to the rioting.  Reducing the freedom of the people is increasing the power of the government and it rarely flows back the other way. 
Yes we were all scared by the lack of basic civility and humanity of some of our own people but these things can’t be legislated away by removing masks and hacking blackberries.

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