I first heard this song in a Thunderf00t video called The Invisible Beauty. The way Thunderf00t used this song in his video made me think about what we can accomplish through the power of science.

The universe sings to us. Every fossil, every stone has a story to tell. Even a beam of light cast off by a distant star can speak to us if we seek to understand - only to understand. But the universe has no voice. All is silent; mathematics, physics and chemistry merely notes on a page. Alone they mean nothing. They almost seem to wait... Only humans can perceive the structure of the symphony.

With our ape-like hands we pluck the strings, excited, twitchy fingers fumbling at first. Brains designed for making spears and throwing rocks suddenly burst into flame, billions of neurons firing in time with the music of our universe, learning by repetition, little by little modifying the rhythm of the beat, testing the boundaries of our intelligence.

We've started to write our own songs now, yet we're only children playing with our instruments. Science is still teaching us the notes. Will humankind be the first Mozart of the Milky Way? Or are we just one of many struggling to understand our place in the universe?


Okay, so the metaphor got a bit overwrought. Just enjoy the fucking song. XP

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