MY 10 Commandments (LONG) - Inspired by Matt Dillahunty

I find the 10 commandments pretty laughable. I do agree with 2 of them but the rest are pretty much fluff and I don't see them as the top 10 essential things that humanity needs (Eg: "coveting thy neighbors wife" So what if you do?) So I decided to create my own! Things that I find essential to Humanity.
These are the two I actually agree with:
I'm gonna take a long shot and say we could of figured these 2 things out without any book. Call me crazy. I also have my own things to add on with the whole murder thing.

1. No Murdering - (Which includes HUMAN SACRIFICE and WAR and GENOCIDE)

2. No Stealing

Now the Fun Begins :)

3.No Slavery! What's funny is, in the Bible God actually makes up rules about men owning other men instead of just downright outlawing it? YES. He gives the OKAY to PEOPLE OWNING other PEOPLE! And slave owners used these same verses to keep slavery alive!But don't take my word for it>>Leviticus 25:44-46

4.No Rape! The Bible justifies this too? I think so In that one, the rapist's punishment is marrying the victim of rape!?? Moses was down wit rape too >>Numbers 31:7-18 & God didn't correct him! Like I said, "Call me crazy.." BUT this is definitely one of the atrocities I would have included in my book!!!

5.No pushing your own personal supernatural beliefs on others! That includes your kids, neighbors, anyone! If your belief is the one true story, people that you love will find that out through logic & reason right?? If they can't figure it out through rationale, then they SHOULD question your beliefs. All pushing your beliefs creates is this big form of indoctrination. Using hell as a scare tactic is horrible. Child abuse if you ask me. Almost 100% of people believe whatever their parents believe! With stats like that, it is beyond clear that no one searches for Truth and its understandable why they wouldn't. They grow up in a world where they are told from jump that Santa is fiction and God is real. At the most crucial part of brain development, they are told these things! How is one to ever have a true non-bias search for truth when these types of things are occurring? I didn't start searching til I was 18 & I had a hell of a time sorting this stuff out.. But I digress...

6.EVERYONE IS EQUAL - I just sit here & think of how my life would've been different if someone made it clear from jump that everyone was equal. We could of passed up slavery. There wouldn't of been a glass ceiling to even break. There'd be fewer feuds on minor differences & more emphasis on what brings us all together. I always wonder what it would be like if we never saw color, gender, or anything that could link us to a group. If I'm linked in any group, I wanna be linked to a group that I chose, not one that I was born with. It seems sooo superficial to me. I can't see why we haven't got past this stone age mentality.

These next few might seem minor, but I think they'd make a big difference if we all followed them.

7.DON'T Flatter Yourself - HUMANITY is a FUCKING spec when you compare it to the universe! NEVER get so caught up in yourself that you don't realize how insignificant you really are! Humble yourself to this wondrous mysterious place! The earth is a spec, yet you think you personally are somethin' else huh? LOL.. I read something. It said that EACH HUMAN on earth could have 15 galaxies to themselves! That's crazy. It humbles me, but doesn't matter to others lol.

8.Question the Value of Human Life - This kinda goes with 8 but I need to move on. I heard a man (George Carlin) say "How come when it's us, it's abortion, but when it's a chicken, it's an omelet?" .. It was a joke but it's SO true! We put ourselves on this HUGE pedestal.. Trying to figure out how we're so different those other species of things... Trying not to remember that We are animals too! Some people like to say what separates us from them is our "souls".. WTF is the criteria for a soul? Intellect? Does that mean humans with mental disorders LACK a soul? Whateva.. I digress once again. All I'm saying is don't be so quick to separate yourself from animals because you consider yourself superior as a human being. It's arrogant.

9.Use bad words PROFUSELY - I am so SICK of people getting so OFFENDED by mere words! I figure, the more you use the terms that people are so sensitive to (nigger,coon,etc..), the more the word is devalued! Which is exactly what we need! I can't imagine letting a word get to me that freakin bad! & I don't get why people seriously think that they can say a word but people of another race cannot say it. "Black people can say nigga cause we KNOW they're not racist."... Yeah cause its just not possible that a white person is NOT racist. So stupid. Get over the words for real. I want to see society progress and going back to primitive habits and dictating who can say what under certain circumstances is utterly ridiculous!!!

10.BE YOURSELF - Damn that sounds so cliche but I don't know how else to say it besides saying "DO YOU". What's the point in walking around like a clone? Be yourself. Search for your own answers to life's big questions 'cause they might come back at you heavy! "Doing you" does not mean close your mind to new ideas. It means open your mind to any and everything & dismiss or critique what you don't like or find flaws in. & ugh! don't be different just for the sake of being able to say "Look at me. I'm different". Don't be afraid to change and don't hesitate to admit when you're wrong... Find out who the hell you are & run with it...

I don't see supernatural out of this world love when I look at the 10 Commandments. I see too many human features. Jealousy, Ignorance, & Manipulation. So I follow my own.

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Comment by Marshall on October 18, 2009 at 11:00am
Well done, I like it. This world would have been a much better place if Moses had spoken with you first.
Comment by Ronin on October 18, 2009 at 2:25am
I have long thought there is only one "commandment". Thou shalt not steal. All other transgressions are forms of theft.
Murder - Stealing a life
Slander/libel - stealing another good name
Slavery - stealing another freedom
You get the idea.



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