One of my inventions, that I designed years ago, is the NeoThruster.I designed it for use
for space travel but it works in Earths atmosphere also.

The simplified description of my NeoThruster is:

Put electricity in get thrust out. But, not like the "IonEngine". The thrust of the NeoThruster
is measured in Pounds.

The direction of thrust can be changed quite rapidly and, if implemented properly, it can
provide thrust in any direction in 3 dimensional space.

I've tried to get in contact with Lockheed - Martin, to no avail, to tell them about my
NeoThruster. I feel it could solve the stability problems the X/F - 35 is having.

                                      Sempiternal Drive

This invention is going to be hard to believe but, it's true. Everyone knows that
Perpetual Motion is impossible. Impossible in that no usable energy can be produced
by it.

Many inventors have claims of tapping power from Gyroscopic Electrons(?), a force
no one knows about yet, etc and etc. They are trying to make the devices to
complicated. Simplicity is the answer. Reality helps also.

My Sempiternal Drive is as close to Perpetual Motion as you can get. But, as with all
machines, it needs energy to run. That energy is all around us. Everyone feels it's effect.
And, possibly killing 1 person daily. That energy is called ................

I feel that I have sucessfully harnessed Gravity.

I have invented the "Continuously Out Of Balance Wheel" and it works.
Many inventors have attempted to build Continuously Out Of Balance Wheels but none
worked properly.

To build a workable Continuously Out Of Balance Wheel inventors need to know the
secrets. 2 secrets to be exact. And these 2 secrets are what makes it work.

My Sempiternal Drive produces energy in the form of torque. From oz/in to 100's foot
pounds and more. This torque is normally constant but, can depend on the utilization
of the torque.

I don't know who to approach with my Sempiternal Drive. It would definitely solve
our energy crisis. Basically FREE ELECTRICITY.

If Electric companies would utilize the Sempiternal Drive, they would never need to
build a Hydroelectric Dam, a coal burning power plant and absolutely no Nuclear
Power Plants. Also people could build the Sempiternal Drive in there back yard
and supply, 24/7, electrical power to their home.

Also, I did a search on the InterNet to find the cost of a Nuclear Facility and basically
it's about $100,000,000,000.00 (100 Billion dollars).

What I'm about to say is purely speculative but at least I'm figuring the cost of a
Sempiternal Drive facility high.

Figuring that the cost to build a Sempiternal Drive facility at $2,000,000,000.00.
(2 Billion dollars)

This facility would produce the same amount of Power that a Nuclear Plant would.

The Sempiternal Drive facility is 1/50 of the cost of a Nuclear Plant.

So.......50 Sempiternal Drive facilities could be built for the price of 1 Nuclear Plant.

Probably, the thing that makes a Sempiternal Drive facility so cheap is its Simplicity.
Plus, absolutely no RADIATION.

One final note........The Sempiternal Drive would run till the earth was destroyed by
                             some cataclysmic event.


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Comment by Larry Smith on July 6, 2012 at 11:52pm

"That is to say knowledge once having emerged is sempiternal, megatrillion eons later or next moment."....Not if it was in the "Library of Alexandria"....Just a little humor plus some fact.

Comment by Frankie Dapper on July 6, 2012 at 11:13pm

No, I assumed sempiternal was coined by you. Now I know.

I was playing along with your prior blogassertation. (my coined silver) That is to say knowledge once having emerged is sempiternal, megatrillion eons later or next moment.

Comment by Larry Smith on July 6, 2012 at 10:17pm

Glen Rosenberg......Did you look up the defination "Sempiternal"? (lol) Took me awhile to find a word that could fit my machine....Not quite sure what you mean by "Semptiternal drive would outlive any cataclysmic event in "consciousness"".

Comment by Frankie Dapper on July 6, 2012 at 10:00pm

Larry, the Semptiternal drive would outlive any cataclysmic event in consciousness.

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