My 4 year old is smarter than a Christian!

So I got out a book of old testament stories to read to my kids. I like to educate them to the contextualisation of christianity in our modern world. I read the creation story of god made the world in 7 days. I talked about it with my 9 year old - about how this story might have been written - 10,000 years ago, with humans wondering how it all started and coming up with this theory about it - and then all our modern archaeology, giving us different evidence for new theories such as big bang and evolution.

Anyhow, then we read the next story - the story of Adam and Eve. At the end of this story I asked my 4 year old - what do you think to that story - he replied - well it's all made up isn't it! To which my 9 year old and I had a good laugh. If a 4 year old could easily see that it was a made up story - how the hell could millions around the world take it as fact???

I'm so glad it's not me living this blatant lie!

No wonder they have so much fear - when they must realise that their reality is baseless... I feel really puzzled at this...

Is it that many don't believe, they just go along with it because of their cultural indoctrination?

Because if a 4 year old can see it clearly - then they must know...

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Comment by Alice on January 7, 2012 at 4:46pm

I've heard another reading of the Bible in Daniel Quinns book Ishmael - he talks about this being a metaphorical story about two groups - one who remained hunter gatherers and the other who became agriculturalists - the one tribe started to take over the lands and kill members of the other group.  When Adam, meaning man, started to take over the responsibility of Eve, meaning life - so the agriculturalists having greater control over food, got more of it and started to have more children, in turn needing more land to farm for more food - thus pushing the hunter gatherers away - leading to assimilation, reservations and genocide.  Interesting hypothesis - interesting book - he is a fascinating writer.

Comment by Alice on May 22, 2011 at 8:25am
Hi Gecko, I don't know... I was talking with my mum today about how i thought only 10% of people actually liked their jobs and she had to hang up the phone.. just couldn't handle that idea....  so I think that poeple just can't handle thinking about stuff that makes them feel bad....
Comment by Gecko, of Richie! on May 2, 2011 at 12:06pm

Is it that many don't believe, they just go along with it because of their cultural indoctrination?


 Sorry to be so late to this blog. I can not answer with certainty your question posed abpve. But i do have a bit od anecdotal evidence from own experience. My father falls into this catagory of knowing the truth but refusing it.

  He is and always has been a very smart man, and thru conversations and comments made over the years i know he knows the truth. But the best guess I can make is he doesnt want it to be so. The same applies to race and the civil rights movement which he lived thru here in Richmond Va...the capital of the old confederacy. When pressed or stressed he always falls back to the comfortable safe mental hide of his up bringing. And there is NO discussing it with him as he goes from 0 to 60 in about 5 seconds. He will not listen to anything that puts his dellusions at risk. Very sad really.

  I suspect that when it comes to people of his age and generation he isnt uncommon. 


Comment by Alice on March 18, 2011 at 7:57pm

I actually read an interesting book called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.  I’m not sure if the story is based in reality or not.  But it’s an interesting read – and seems to be an interpretation of the early bible stories, as stories about how the early hunter gatherers turned into agriculturalist and the fall out and dangers of such a transition.


I think that children naturally see nonsense – it’s only adults that teach them to suppress their natural instincts and believe in complete crap.  Basically the adults tell them that it is in their interests for survival and an improved quality of life if they suppress their natural leaning to reality and go along with a made up story.


I’m more than happy to foster my children’s natural instincts to seek the truth about reality in all things – birth, sex, marriage, money, taxes and death.

Comment by David Anam on March 11, 2011 at 11:36am

That is actually the very story that ended any possibility of me being a Christian. Don't remember exactly how old I was, but my mother started reading the bible to me and I knew very quickly that the story of Adam and Eve was fictional. It's written just like a fairly tale or a children's story, and it was very obvious to me that it was not real. That immediately led me to the conclusion that if one story isn't real, there's a good chance that none of it is real.


And I still can't understand how anyone could read that book and honestly believe it.



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