My Annual Epilepsy Awareness Month Rant

The World Health Organisation has a list of consequences of living in a rural area with epilepsy (even the USA, including social ones, as the Bible expressly notes epilepsy is caused by demon possession.)


People with seizure disorders of course are demon possessed and doctors do not know what they are talking about (from a USA Christian Evangelical apologetic Website):


“Because Mark 9:17-21 speaks of demonic possession in connection with the description of convulsions, we know that epilepsy in the Bible reveals some truths that are never accepted by doctors.” (Like I really want to vote for some neo-con Dominionist wacko like Rick Santorum or Paul Ryan because I am demon possessed. But then, would someone who is demon possessed vote for a True Christian like Bachmann, O’Donnell, Santorum, Ryan, or the rehabilitated and now religiously-acceptable Mormon guy Romney?)


Perhaps that is why so many people with epilepsy are atheists.


On the other hand, Landover Baptist Church (a satire Website of Dominionist and Evangelical Christian churches) makes light of the issue. Full Blown Demon Possession Misdiagnosed as Epileptic Seizure by Un....


Even as late as the 1950s, people with epilepsy in the United States were denied marriage licenses in 17 states. In 2003, the last state finally repealed its eugenics laws forbidding people with epilepsy the right to marry, and its enforced sterilisations of epileptics. (North Carolina). Note eugenics laws were implemented for religious and racist reasons, not scientific ones. When the Nazis hijacked the eugenics movement for its own program, they mostly became discredited in the post-war period (last abandoned in Dixie).


It was illegal for epileptics to be married in Virginia, and the state enforced sterilisation of epileptics to prevent –ah- feebleminded children, repealed only after I was stationed there. (1979). As a military member, they could not force that on me. (I submit as a member of ISPE I am not feebleminded, nor is my son.)


My home state of Michigan forcibly sterilised “sexual deviants, epileptics, and moral degenerates” under its eugenics laws until 1963. They missed me (an advantage of being born at home in a rural area, I guess.) I like the category of people in which Michigan put me, with sexual deviants and moral degenerates. Michigan was the first state to impose a eugenics law, and forcibly sterilised undesirables.


South Carolina finally had its prohibition on driving, even if seizure-free, overturned by the Supreme Court in 2006. (That meant when I lived in South Carolina, I was prohibited from driving.) – James, in Wyobraska, where if I have a seizure behind the wheel there is nothing to hit.


November is the CDC's Epilepsy Awareness Month. Find out more about this disabling disease that affects two million Americans, and what to do in an emergency at the CDC Epilepsy Awareness site.


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