Atheists are often portrayed as die hard believers in evolution, and atheism is quite often portrayed as being dependent upon believing in the validity of evolution. But you know what? Some people, such as myself, did not need to rely on Darwin to steer our courses off the path of religion and onto the path of reason.




The bible was not created by a god nor inspired by the word of any god. It was written by a number of people who tried to provide justification for their lifestyles (including justifying the owning of slaves and subjection of women and blind obedience to authority) and, at times, to give reason for their suffering at the hands of others (when at the end of the day, the reason they suffered at the hands of other was because they went looking for fights, for one, and because some other times, other groups came a long and just so happened to be able to kick their asses).


Not a single piece of evidence can be presented to demonstrate the existence of any deity. Not a single piece.


Any argument for the existence of a god falls apart when looked at logically. Not one of these arguments is able to stand up to critical (or even not so critical) analysis.


Quite the opposite of being shining beacons of how to behave ethically, religions are responsible for some of the most despicable, outrageous and inhumane atrocities ever committed. I also noticed that people like Hitler, who are accused of being atheists, end up erecting political systems that becomes doctrines and rules unto themselves, making themselves tyrants of sorts and quashing those who challenge them. In these systems, instead of adhering to the word of some god to avoid ending up in a hell, you must listen to the word and rule of your dictator, else you end up in prison or killed. Can you see any real difference? Neither system makes an iota of sense, but people are duped or forced to believe or adhere, and thus horrible things are done in the name of the State of the church.


And finally, that the way I need to behave as ethically as I possibly can because it is the right thing to do. Acting in this way or that, just to satisfy some hatemonger and avoid being roasted over a spit for eternity, means that I do not give a shit about what is right or wrong to do; it means I only care about not being punished by a god or ruler, regardless of whether or not doing so is right.


And in all of this I needed nothing by way of science, including evolution. Now, of course I turn to science to help me explain and understand the world, but it is not needed at all to understand that religion is farcical and why supporting these organizations is only holding our world back: both in terms of how we understand and treat one another, and how we understand and interact with the rest of reality.

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