My atheism is about a lack of need for gods, not just a lack of belief in gods.

As a sociologist, I can not rely on naturalism or materialism (especially methodological naturalism).

The study of social life would be impossible from any of those positions.

Thus it is important to understand the epistemological and ontological basis of all worldviews, even if they do not lead to truth. It is enough that people believe them to be true (because sociology is not about truth, but about how people make sense of the world.

Having said that:

Here is the way I see it, as afar as claims of the supernatural go, there are three possibilities:

1. gods have an effect on the physical world.
2. gods have no effect on the physical world.
3. gods do not exist.

The first option can be tested and no reliable/repeatable evidence has ever emerged of this proposition.

The last two options might as well be the same: they are irrelevant in the everyday world in which we live.

That is the basis for my atheism: that gods are unnecessary and irrelevant (no there is no utility in believing in them).

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Comment by Ted Foureagles on September 20, 2013 at 12:55pm

I think that god beliefs are sociologically important because so many purport to hold them.  That they do so illogically (in my opinion) can't be put down to abnormal thought patterns when it is the stance of the vast majority, or at least so claimed.  Whether or not god beliefs are claimed as truth, they exert profound, if sometimes subtle, pressures on our societies.

Look at the political stance on stem cell research at the beginning of the 21st century.  Policies may not have explicitly invoked a particular god, but were formed on the idea of body/soul dualism that underlies the Abrahamic religions.  A blastocyst might have a soul, and who are we to determine when or where it starts in absence of revealed divine guidance (that is, without thinking for ourselves)?  And to be on the safe side of a wrathful god we do nothing -- allow nothing, expecting that existing lives lost are overbalanced by potential souls gained in an imagined utopia of existence beyond death.

We can try to explain the logical absurdity in all of this, but it won't matter.  To those convinced that soul is real and separate from body, that reason is inferior to or a subset of undefined spirituality, logic and reason are minor components with no strong ability to convince.

Good luck to anyone trying to make a rational argument when the irrational one is more comfortable.  I'm reminded of President Jimmy Carter advising us to put on a sweater and stop using so much oil.  That was roundly rejected and we hired a feel-good actor to take his place.


Comment by Michael Penn on September 20, 2013 at 8:09am

Up until about a year ago I believed that there was a god, the book that revealed him was the "wholey buybull," and that he did have a plan for man. I was taught that very early in life and was told that all the other religions were there "because the devil wanted to fool you." It's like saying that dinosaur skeletons are planted by the devil to fool you. Since there are thousands of "gods" it boils down to whether you have the right one or not. Most of the world thinks this way.

Then one day you see all the flaws in your holy book and realize that it shows the flaws of god as well. (Studying for the ministry showed me this.) God is not trying to give you a message, and he doesn't heal anyone like he did in the "buybull," and he appears to not be doing anything today. The logical conclusion is that he never did do anything, even then. This is because he is myth. He is totally imaginary just like all the other gods!

THE PROOF is in his flawed holy book and how it presents him. It's all myth. No god, no devil, and no angels. For those who persist in believing anyway, where is the evidence? There are no gods trying to contact you. God has no effect on anything because he does not exist!



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