Hi everyone from Atheist Nexus! About half of the members of my group, the Greensboro Atheist Organization, seem to express an interest in
the activism side of the group. While non religious people make up
about 15% of the population and growing we still face huge equal rights
issues. I'm happy to say that we're working on some things for these
people in addition to our normal social activities, but we can't do it
without your help. The Greensboro Atheist Organization runs purely on
donations which, right now, are only about enough for snacks and drinks
which are provided at meetings. Here are some things we're working on:

The Greensboro city council has just opted to include prayer. The
invocations will presumably take place before every meeting and will
include a number of faiths although somehow I don't think Satanists or
Pagans will be included and certainly the 15% of Americans who don't
identify with a religion will be completely unrepresented. This is not
only discrimination but it violates separation of church and state.
Please take a few moments to email our council members to let them know that you want your voice heard (http://www.greensboro-nc.gov/citygovernment/council/emailcouncil.htm ) . I've emailed Robbie
Perkins who seems to be on our side saying “Why do we want to do this?
Are we returning to the 1950s?” as reported by news-record.com (article
in the message board) to ask him what we needed to do to stop this or,
at the very least, be heard.

The NC Secular Coalition has changed it's name to the NC Secular
Alliance and we are a go for the billboard project. The billboards will
be going up all over NC and will depict an American flag with the words
"one nation, indivisible". Some think this may be too subtle but Joseph
assures us that the media coverage will clarify. Joseph from the
alliance has already secured our billboard, but we still need to
desperately raise the money to pay for it. Because Joseph is helping us
out financially we have longer than the previous end of June deadline,
but that doesn't absolve us of responsibility for getting this money
together. Some ideas are a bake sale and a car wash but we really need
donations too.. $5, $10.. whatever.. this is a grass roots organization
and we're really trying to get on our feet.

We would love to get a booth at the Greensboro Gay Pride event this
year. The booth fee is $100. If some generous member would like to
pledge all or half of this amount then that would be fantastic. Our
booth would have info on the GAO as well as information on atheism in
relation to the LGBT community with some focus on world religions and
their anti homosexuality stance. We want to make it clear that the GAO
is a safe haven for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, race,
gender, etc.

Please visit our website, http://www.greensboroatheists.com, to make a donation
via paypal. You can also attend one of our upcoming events as I'll be
there to take up donations (or an assistant organizer can take them).
If you cannot attend a meeting and don't have paypal then you can mail
a check or money order to the address listed in the message board on our meetup page (http://www.meetup.com/herdingcats).

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