My bible reading experience - brainfart #1

I started a "discussion" in the forum section of this site describing my initial impressions of the old testament, as I have decided to familiarise myself with as many "sacred" texts as possible - I believe in knowing both sides of an argument, and so far my reading has served to strengthen my atheism. I am left wondering "how can anyone actually believe any of this bullshit, let alone WANT to believe in it?!?".

This and subsequent "brainfart" blog posts will serve as my diary regarding this.

My first post carries on where the "discussion" I started left off.

So,yahweh is all-powerful, created the world and is an unstoppable force, except that; his magic tricks can be matched by the Egyptian court magi; his attempts to prove himself (ROFL simply at the fact that he has to prove himself at all) are seemingly so unconvincing that "his people" constantly forget him, turn away and follow others and question his authority; he can be shouted down by mortals (Moses for the most part); and he is powerless against iron chariots except by employing deception (read: luck) in order to defeat them.

I am convinced that if you replaced the words "the lord" with "good fortune" all the way through Numbers, Joshua and Judges,removed the "and the lord said..." phrases and the rhetoric regarding worship, you would get a story that would read the same, would sound more like a reasonable modern interpretation of events and would show that yahweh is not only fictional, but is extraneous to his own story. How pathetic.


Judges 1:19 And good fortune was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; butcould not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron. Lolz.

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