First and foremost; I do not hold a degree in the field of Evolutionary Biology -- nor am I considered to be an authority in the area Theocracy. In the Scientific community, I most likely would be considered as the ambiguous middle man – a lowly bowery ever so gracefully swinging near the middle link in the evolutionary chain of the self-educated. But above all things I am (if nothing more than) a whisper in the steadily rising crescendo of the unheard voice in the battle between religion, and common sense.

I am an Atheist, this is my manifesto. 

It goes without saying that there are questions in this life that will continue to go unanswered – at least in our lifetime anyway. One of the most important is that of the origin of our existence as a species, and the reasoning behind it. For me the fear of not knowing is heavily outweighed by the unscrupulous nature of those who are generally disinclined to question it at all-- and even more so towards those who so willingly and obsessively subject themselves to the nonsensical fabrications found in every religious doctrine known to exist, in order to satisfy their seemingly insatiable curiosity involving such grandiose things. It confuses me as to why fictitious, archaic gibberish—the likes of whimsical tales of talking snakes, old men and their oceanic expeditions that at least in one case may or may not have involved strange experiments in the field of animal husbandry, and glorious yarns of prophetic resurrections seem to champion over the abundant, and ever accumulating amount of scientific evidence we possess. Perhaps I’ll never really know for sure – it would be any easy assumption to make, that the religious as a whole are merely a mass culture of feeble minded mammals, who find comfort in clinging to such ridiculous beliefs due to their lack of reason, and perhaps fear of or the inability to question the motives of what is ultimately (at least in Judeo Christian customs) a culture bearing remarkable resemblances to a totalitarian society. However, as combative as we are towards one another, etched deep within the dividing line between the devout, and the Atheist is a certain kinship; a common trait we posses in the sense that there is nothing that you can say to an Atheist such as myself that would suddenly make him believe in (a) God – other than physical, undeniable evidence that he exists. Just as much as there is absolutely nothing you could say to a religious devout that would lead him or her to believe that there is no God…unless of course you provide them with some sort of physical, undeniable evidence – despite our similarities we clearly have differing views of what “evidence” actually is. 

“Where is my evidence?” Well to that I’m always unsure as to how to answer, because it’s a ridiculously redundant question to ask on both ends of the spectrum. Other than the obvious and numerous fallacies in the Bible, and despite a true dulling of Occam’s razor in the entirety of the argument; our inability as Atheists to disprove the actual existence of God in no way affects the validity of evolution, and in no way negates the fact that religion is NOT the answer which provides the means to decipher the riddle of the Universe, but more so the punch-line in a nonchalant pursuit of it. There is majesty in the Universe that holds no Reich, and I for one refuse to belittle the awesome beauty, and mystery of it to the dumbfounded limits that Religion imposes upon it. To do so would be a shame, and a mockery to us all. We are ever so much more than a glorified flock of long lost sheep, and should no longer allow the wool to be pulled over our eyes. 

Stand up, and fight for reason. 
~ The Goochist

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