My dad is dying and I will miss him terribly.

A while back, he was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. This is the second time. He had it several years ago, and it was successfully removed. They recently operated again, taking out a large portion of his intestine, once again thinking they had removed it. He has been in and out of the hospital a lot over the past few months. They just told him a few weeks ago that he has cancer in his brain, and throughout his body, and that he has about three months left.
I haven't seen my dad in ten years, since I moved to Montana. My dad is in NC. I left NC because my ex wouldn't leave me alone (long story). I have talked to my dad almost every week over the years. We could talk for hours. We can't have those conversations anymore.
He is in his final stages now, and really delusional and incoherant. I have called him in his hospital room, and he just makes no sense at all. I don't think he even knew who I was. I cut the conversation short, saying, "I love you daddy, go to bed". He said "I love you too" I cried hysterically when I hung the phone up. I want to call him again, because he won't be around much longer, but I don't know if it would do any good. It might just make me feel worse. I am going to miss him so much.

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Comment by Jerbear1974 on November 19, 2008 at 9:04pm
I'll go check it out.
Comment by Russ on November 19, 2008 at 8:51pm

Losing a loved one is never easy. My heart goes out to you. The blogger PMomma recently made the following post:

which addresses the pain of such a loss. May it lift your spirits and lighten your heart as it did mine.



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