"My Encounter with An Athiest" by God

I met an atheist one day, and he looked up at me and stared into my eyes. "Who are you, and where the hell am I?" I replied, "I AM GOD! Welcome to Heaven." His eyes widen, as he looked around and realized he was walking on a cloud. "Ah crap, there really is a God! Wait, aren't I supposed to be in Hell?" I laughed a great roar. "HAHAHAHA! ON THE CONTRARY! ALL AETHIEST GO TO HEAVEN! ONLY FAITHFUL CHRISTIANS AND THE OCCASIONAL HINDU ARE DAMNED TO HELL FROM THE START!" He looked confused. "Uhhhh........whaaa....?" "WELL, YOU SEE, CHRISTIANS GOT IT ALL WRONG. THERE REALLY ISN'T AN ALL POWERFULL BEING, AND THERE REALLY ISN'T A HEAVEN OR HELL. MY NAME IS ACTUALLY Andrew, and I'm just some average guy. You aren't really walking on a cloud now, those damn Christians just drugged you." "Oh. Okay, dude. Cya later." He walked away from the Christian Cult Building and almost collapsed in the middle of the street. "Those damn Christians" I said to myself. My own creations were drugging the atheists! If only I could go back and stop myself from writing the Bible.........

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