This morning I was watching Inside the Actors Studio. Dave Chappell was guest hosting interviewing ... James Lipton. I don't know why I don't watch ITAS more often - I really enjoy the show whenever I watch it. Interesting facts I learned include: Lipton was a 'manager' for a prostitute during his time in Paris as a youth; he was reading at age one and a half; his dad was a hippy; he wanted to be a lawyer and got into acting to pay the bills; he is an atheist.

Oh, and his favorite curse word is: "jesus christ!"

I thought that last bit was especially interesting because my favorite curse is "goddamnit!" - a curse that is as powerful as it is blasphemous. Goddamnit is a word that conveys ultimate disapproval and the worst that could possibly happen. Despite that it doesn't really mean anything.

I guess the seeds of my affinity for blasphemy are rooted in the Good News Bible study I attended as a youngster. The youthgroup leader heard me say, "darn it!" one day and told me not to curse. He said it was the same as saying, "damn."

Funny thing, life. It'll be 4/20 and for once I have weed. It bothers me that 4/20 is Hitler's birthday though. I don't celebrate on this date because of Hitler; I celebrate because of the numbers in the date. I'll be chiefing tomorrow at 4:20pm fo' sho'.

I have major homework to do. Enough dicking around, I've got to go back to work.


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Comment by Peg K on April 20, 2009 at 9:55pm
My son's tennis team had to run sprints last week because a girl said "geez." The coach thought he heard Jesus but no one would admit it so he made the whole team do sprints. He said he was "defending his religious rights." This is a middle school science teacher if you can believe it!
Comment by vivian on April 20, 2009 at 6:52pm
When I was in school, I used to say "Jesus Christ" in front of the teachers (only the ones I didn't like, they were usually the ones with sticks up their asses!). They couldn't punish me because it's not really a bad word, but it bugged the hell out of them.



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