Hi, I've been a member for a couple of months now, but I had not felt enough confidence to write anything, until now.

I'm for México and I'm sorrounded by religious people, some moderate, some extremists but the majority of the people, including my whole family is catholic, just like I used to be (or still are if you consider the fact that they just don't let you go so easily, you know since you just can't erase baptism).

I realized I was really and atheist about 2 years ago; I had stopped going to church a long time ago but never really stopped to think about what I really believed (or didn't believe) until recently.

Now I just can't stay calm when I hear thing like god bless you, god forbid, may god be with you, thank god, etc., etc., and everyday I continue to realize that the beliefs of a christian are very very stupid.

I had tried to tell my dad a couple times but he doesn't seem to understand that I think this way because of deep thinking and not because I have been influenced by teachers or friends like he always says.

I really wish he really could at least know that I have reasons of my own to think this way, and that if somebody is influencing someone else that would be me, since I like to make other people question their beliefs (like my girlfriend who is a catholic, and my best friend who was a catholic too but didn't really bothered to think about other people's crazy ideas).

And well I just would like to add that I feel really good knowing that there are people like me that can relate to what I'm going through.

I really like this place.

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Comment by cj the cynic on April 4, 2009 at 3:32pm
I too have a very catholic family. Thanks for sharing your story.
Comment by Eduardo on April 4, 2009 at 11:09am
Thanks Daniel for your comment, I appreciate your taking time to answer and yes, I do sometimes feel good about being one of the few ones that doesn't need praying or false promises to have a meaning in life, even if I don't have family members who can or want to understand me. Many might just believe I'm on the devil's side but being here is really helping me feel more and more comfortable about speaking up so thank you again Daniel.

@Jennifer W.
Yes, that should be something I'll say the next time he mentions me being influenced by somebody. It's true that I've always been very independent and curious like no one else I know so that might have been the reason why I found out about religion's false claims.
I sometimes feel enraged too about how close-minded people surrounding me can be, and I agree with you, some of them just don't want to understand but well, we'll keep on trying, won't we?
Comment by Jennifer W on April 4, 2009 at 10:49am
It's ironic that your dad thinks that other people influenced you in Atheism, when in fact that it was him who was influenced to believe by the people surrounding him. Most Atheists become because of self discovery or curiousity.

It's really easy to get discouraged when so many people don't think the way you do. Especially when you realize how illogical religion can get at times. Sometimes I wanna rip my own hair out! But I keep a cool head, and realize these people won't understand unless they want to.

If you have anything to else share please do! We're not going anywhere! Even if you don't get a comment on your blog, or reply in a thread, there is someone out there who is reading!



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