I ordered the first proof of my book yesterday. It would be here within a week or two. I will then proof read it for the 6th and final time and finish up the notes and references. I will then send it in get the final proof sent to me for approval. I am looking at the second or third week of September before the book become available on amazon, as well as createspace.com and target.com. It will then be another couple weeks before I get my national bookstore and international amazon (Canada, UK and Europe) and bookstore distribution (30+ different countries).

Once I get the proof in I will scan the cover and post the cover, as well as the title and brief summary of book.

I also wrote a 1500 word article that I submitted to American Atheist magazine that I adapted from the first chapter of the book I will post the article both as text and a video (xtranormal).

I also bought the domain name of the title of my book and the domain name for aidanmaslow.com. Aidanmaslow.com should already be active. Their is not much new that is not also on this site yet, but hopefully I will have as a full interactive site by the time the book is available. If you are really impatient you go over to the site and find the title of the book. You will also find something called the "Anti-Faith Trilogy". This first book is the first book in what I call my "Anti-Faith Trilogy". You will just have to wait and find out what the other two books will be about (you won't be disappointed). I hope to have the next one ready to publish this time next year and the third a year after that.

- Aidan

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