I posted the bulk of this on another thread, but wanted to add some context separately.

I finally confronted my faith and embraced the fact of my atheism late last August, 2012. Days after I revealed my "epiphany" to a few friends who knew me from another message board, my sister died from Lou Gehrig's Disease (which pissed her off because she hated catching a disease from someone she never f---ed).

THAT was my sister, understand? She was a beautiful, life-loving, potty-mouthed extrovert who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer research and was named Woman of the Year by her community in New Jersey. She was a big deal with an enormous heart, and a blunt, profane, walking testament to the existence of hilarity.

Two family members gave the eulogy. Both were religious in their way, but one resonated while the other nauseated. My cousin talked about how, in the Bible, "faith without works is dead," and paid tribute to all the good things my sister did. He talked about her legacy, the causes she embraced and promoted, the good she did reflected in the enormous crowd that gathered to pay final respects. Then my brother spoke. He said NOT ONE WORD about our sister's life. Just some claptrap about her alleged concern for her eternal destiny and how he was so confident that she had eternal life because she embraced the lordship of Jesus Christ. Oh, and by the way, we can have that same assurance by accepting Jesus as Lord, because God gave His only-begotten son blah blah blah.

I was seething. I could have throttled him right there. Here we are, celebrating the woman's life and mourning her loss, only to be lectured to by some pompous, holier-than-thou know-it-all singing the praises of a God who, by the way, did NOTHING while my healthy and vibrant sister rotted in her own non-responsive body for five years before drowning, mercilessly, in her own bodily fluids just so He could have another damned rose petal in heaven.

My sister deserved better than that.

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Comment by Two Cult Survivor on May 23, 2013 at 9:15am

Well said. And let me add that I am not really upset with my brother. I am upset at how religion has robbed from him the recognition that we lost something really great, for good.

Hate the religion, not the religious.



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