My first humanist/secular meetings

This summer I decided to start attending some functions with other people who may think like myself. Having lived in the Kansas City area for most of my life I had never gone looking for groups to attend. To my pleasant surprise I found a group that meets every Sunday on the University of Missouri Kansas City campus, my alma mater. If the group had been more publicized on campus while I attended school I may have joined earlier, but I'm happy all the same.

The group I attend is the skeptical religious studies group. We have been watching "Comparative Religion By Professor Charles Kimball, University of Oklahoma" A lecture series that covers, very broadly, the similarities and differences in major religions today. Professor Kimball leans toward the christian religion, he is a minister, but I have gained some new insight from the lecture series. Until last week I wasn't aware that the conflict between the two factions of islam began over a succession dispute. I hope to further expand my current knowledge and attend the rest of the course this summer, 12 Sundays in all.

Above all I'm really happy that I can go to a place and have a serious adult discussion about religion, atheism, politics, and all sorts of other topics of interest to me without feeling stigmatized.

If anyone else is interested go to They post all of the secular/skeptic/atheist parties and events in the Kansas city and surrounding areas. Feel free to come check it out!

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Comment by Gold Guy on May 30, 2010 at 3:19pm
That is great. Here in Chico CA we started our own group (well Sara did most of the work). Chico Skeptics. We have 122 members (based on Facebook membership). We meet every two weeks in local pubs and members of the group make presentations on interesting scientific or skeptical issues. At our last meeting we had a fascinating overview of cosmological theories and the Big Bang.



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