Tee-hee! My blog is gaining popularity on the WWW. Which is kind of astonishing to me, really. I'm not used to the idea that random strangers want to hear what I have to say, and possibly debate/debunk it. It's thrilling and odd. But since I'm planning on publishing a religion-bashing book (as soon as I finish WRITING the damn thing) any extra awareness of my name, views, etc. is good.

Here's his crazy Mormon comment on Part 5 of my Chatting with a Mormon Missionary series.

And here's his own blog post on "Is Satan all that bad?" The comments are *fascinating*.

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Comment by Brandy on June 28, 2009 at 7:32am
Typical tautological thinking. No real logical answers. It just all boils down to "God knows more than we do and why should we question or try to understand his mysterious ways."
My brother who is agnostic does a similar thing. He lives in the Bible Belt and has these two Mormoan kids(Elders) come to his house to minister to them. He asks them all sorts of reasonable questions and usually the answers boils down to: Just pray about it.



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