My funny efforts at preventing the indoctrination of my young nephew!

I live in India, the land of many Gods. You can't escape them here, however you may try. As an atheist, I enjoyed a clear understanding of stuff happening around me and also saw the lunacy of religious fanatics. So, I had decided to spread that no-nonsense understanding to any kids I have, or maybe to my young nephew for now. So, whenever I see someone trying to lead him astray, I nip those efforts in the bud. Here are some of my attempts to do that :-

1) One God on a TV serial sucks up a ton of food through his elephant trunk,

   His grandpa: See kid what Gods can do

   nephew: Yes, that's amazing

   Me: Look at his fat belly kid, that's what happens when u eat too much sugar. This god is going

   to take dumps for a week now!

   grandpa: No kid, he's a God. They don't shit.

   Me: Kid, just ask your grandpa what happens to all the food then, does it all gets wasted then.

        Why does the God needs the food anyway, does he gets his energy from food!

   Grandpa silenced.

2) one day the nephew seemed to argue with me over God cartoons.

  nephew: Don't disturb fav. God program is starting.

  Me: you do realise that they are just cartoons..they're not real.

  nephew: They're Gods, they have powers.

  Me: They're cartoons, people record their voices for them.

 nephew: no, they don't.

( Had to use a clip of his fav. cartoons, and add his and mine voices using a video editing program.

  Now he understands animation really well.)

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Comment by Loren Miller on June 7, 2016 at 1:29pm

Doesn't matter HOW you counter-punch, so long as you DO counter-punch!  Brava!



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