My first entry on this site - which caught my eye, actually while looking for the song "I'm as mad as a hatter" by Chad Morgan, posted on here by 'Michael' back in 2010, but that's another story :).

I have always considered myself an atheist, and yet always grappled with what a god or God might be. Was I missing out, or had I just not understood something, or taken some things too literally. I wasn't sure. So, a would-be poet, a sometimes singer-songwriter (my profile picture was taken at Douglas Corner Cafe open-mic in Nashville where I have performed) I penned the following thoughts.

I generally preface the poem with the caveat and bridge-building words "A personal view on what ‘religion’ might be. It is not meant to offend". Given that we are all self-professed atheists here, I should not be undermining your faith or demeaning your 'God'. Perhaps I still need a preface though, to hope you will bear with me if I share that I have a god, but one that lives inside me. I hope this resonates with you.

'My God'

by Trevor Valentine

My god
Lives inside,
Within me
And yes,
So does my devil,

But, my god will prevail
Because he is good
And without vice or sin
And, it is these both
Which ultimately
Will help the other,
His nemesis,
Dig his own premature pit
And he will be buried
Well, almost.

And it may be
That my god
Is the same
As your God
Because he embraces
In whatever form

He is not vain
And I believe your God
Is much the same
So they may be friends

That either God
Can seem to allow 
Great hurt
Or great pain
Is sometimes perplexing
But, I think I now understand

We are blessed with life
For however long
For however short
Under whatever strain
In whatever form
Transient sometimes
And he is our friend
He is there to support

And, if I am right
This same God
Lives within you too

So, as my friend
Our Gods may then join
And we are both stronger
And we share the pain
And the joy

And this joining
This union
Is the beginning
Of something
Much bigger
We may call it
And this is good
And strong
And collective
And embracing

At least most times

For when it does not
Or would inflict power upon
Or would suppress
Other brother
Or sister
Or cousin faiths
Or even those
Who would choose
What you might call
This causes harm
And is not
What my god
In his peace

He gave me
This form
This frame
To live
To create
To perpetuate
And yet 
He also gave me
An inner frame
An inner voice
An inner mind
Which lives within

Is it Him
Or Her
It does not matter

It is a voice
A conscious thinking
A spark of life
And it is always there
And it always speaks to me
A comfort
A support

That he gave me
And you
This life
This opportunity
I am grateful
And always will be



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Comment by Michael Penn on January 18, 2020 at 7:39pm

My god hates the same things that you do. Welcome.

Comment by Compelledunbeliever on January 18, 2020 at 12:25pm

Welcome to the community!



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